bad intentions is an original supernatural roleplay with southern gothic themes set in the fictional town of bayou gauche, louisiana. we ask that you register with your character's first and last name in all lowercase, ie james potter. if you have any questions, please direct them to our questions and suggestions forum. Thanks!
bayou gauche, louisiana
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no matter what time you leave, it is always just too dark to be twilight. the streetlights are always on. it is always just a little bit chilly.
Jul 29 2017, 07:10 PM
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no one locks their doors around here, it’s not as if it will keep anything that truly wants in out.
Aug 18 2017, 01:29 PM
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there are announcements every day over the pa system. no one can make out what’s being said. there’s too much static and the voice is too low. but it sounds mocking.
Aug 18 2017, 06:17 PM
BY angel
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freshmen disappear all the time. there are so many empty dorms. the official line is “stress” but the students know better.
Today at 11:22 am
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you could swear this place looked different three years ago. how fast everything changes, you tell people. they nod. there is nothing but change.
Yesterday at 02:36 pm
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people always arrive and leave in groups. they know it’s safer but they can’t say exactly why.
53 minutes ago
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they’re building something downtown. there’s no more room, but they keep building things. there must always be construction. great for excuses, construction.
55 seconds ago
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they're always advertising for new members. they smile as they ask you to join but their smiles look a little too wide, their eyes a little too blank and their teeth a little too big.
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your phone rings but you don't recognize the number. "hello?" you answer, a static hiss and broken words on the other side. "hello?" you try again. they seem frantic, and it sounds a lot like they're screaming your name right before the line goes dead.
25 minutes ago
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the internet stops working for periods at a time, mobile signals fritz out, the landlines crackle. maybe it’s another storm, you tell yourself, and ignore the clement weather and the flickering at the edge of your vision. it will pass.
Today at 03:39 am
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there's a report in the newspaper urging people to stay out of the woods because there is a pack of wild dogs in there. five attacked, two dead. you don’t know why they need to warn people, no one goes in there anyway.
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people carve their names in the ancient stones, ‘mike and joanne 4eva’, those who don’t know scoff and say ‘vandals’. but at least there is a list of names to be followed up on.
Aug 15 2017, 12:39 PM
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this area of bayou gauche is typically the art center, as well as where bayou gauche university is found, with much of its buildings now preserved as a part of bayou gauche's walk-through museum on elm street that allows tourists and locals alike to walk through the old buildings and hear from a tour guide what rich history can be found there. at night, this same street offers ghost tours through these same buildings, showcasing bayou gauche's affinity for both history and the arts in one convenient district. additionally, throughout this section of bayou gauche you can find the bayou gauche market, artisans, and street musicians. this area is typically the most northern of all the sections in bayou gauche.
16 minutes ago
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downtown bayou gauche is the more urban area of bayou gauche, where much of the shopping, dining, and nightlife can be found. large businesses typically won't be found here, as most of the hustle and bustle of downtown bayou gauche is dedicated to entertainment and focused on magnolia avenue. apartment buildings are the most common type of residence in this sector of bayou gauche. this is what is considered to be the most southern of all the sections of bayou gauche.
Yesterday at 08:53 pm
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at the heart of bayou gauche is gauche center, where much of the emergency services and town life can be found. this is typically where visitors can find their lodging and where most of the businesses are located. in the epicenter of gauche center is the town hall, sitting at the corner of the main red light in bayou gauche on historic maple drive and cedar path.
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the most western section of bayou gauche is bethel park, the most suburban area that also happens to be the area found to be most affluent. realty in bethel park goes for a pretty penny, causing most of the residences to be large homes. however, there are times when a small family can find their starter home on the outer most section of bethel park for a great deal, though this is rare. bethel park is considered to be the cleanest looking section of bethel park, and is home to the prestigious freedom ranch religious center located on park street.
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the more rural and least affluent area of bayou gauche is on the outskirts of town, almost tip-toeing the city limits. dogwood drive is a dirt road leading to sunshine valley, the biggest of bayou gauche's few trailer parks, all located in the outskirts. the ratio of those impoverished living in the outskirts compared to those living in any other section of bayou gauche are almost 4:1, earning this section a reputation as the "slums" of bayou gauche despite a sense of community to be envied in its inhabitants. this too could be contributed to the supernatural gang that runs one of the biggest business in the section. this section lies the most east of all the sections of bayou gauche.
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four stoplights total, no post office, a playground with rusty swings and cracked blacktop and the echoes of children’s laughter.
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screen doors and mason jars and rocking chairs, spring blackberries, summer fireflies, winter pine trees dripping with sap.
Today at 04:02 pm
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diner that’s been serving malted milkshakes for so long that cocky young boys used to rest their elbows on the bar counter to brag about enlisting in the second world war and anyone who walks in there can feel their mustard-gas and gunpowder ghosts bleeding up from the rips in the red leather booth seats.
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antique stores chocked full of moth-eaten handkerchiefs, used coca cola bottles, avon makeup bags, obscure comic books, metal lunchboxes, dull pocketknives, and gaudy plastic crosses that used to hang from the rear-view mirrors of people whose crackly radios only ever played glenn beck and elvis presley.
Aug 15 2017, 04:04 PM
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dingy laundromat with blue-tile floor where ladies file their nails and smack their bubblegum and share gossip in cigarette-tinged voices while their 90s jeans get cleaned.
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the old newspaper went out of business thirty years ago, its former residence an empty shell with the windows punched out. old copies still skate through empty streets like tumbleweeds. they might as well have been new. the stories never change, not here.
Today at 04:12 pm
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tourists ignore the ruins behind your home. they aren’t beautiful, not preserved or retouched like the acropolis. they are bitter reminders of a fallen civilization, smashed into the earth by hundreds of invaders over time. this temple is scarred and desecrated. the air sparks with the anger of the ancient gods.
Yesterday at 09:35 am
BY buffy
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a pop up shop opens. it sells herbs and homeopathic remedies one week, crystals and amulets the next. the third week, it’s stocked with rabbit’s feet and animal skulls, lizard skins and strange feathered things. people can’t get enough. the week after that, the store is gone.
37 minutes ago
BY MC Athena
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